Assembled by a talented team of media architects with profound expertise and unmatched experience, at Interact we are passionate about making your media touchpoints work better. We offer superb service, data-driven and insightful consultancy; and we execute and optimize dynamically, setting brand and campaign KPIs to maximize your investment.


We at Interact believe that you needn’t be present on every channel or continuously active if your audience is not present, and if it doesn’t add value or generate prospects for your brand or company. Through cohesive, sensible, and creative media plans, we design tailored media strategies that take into account: who you are, what your strategic objective is, and how it can be reached and elevated; setting a clear selection of channels online and/or offline environments and determining a realistic and effective timeline of media actions, along with comprehensive, SMART goals which will be constantly monitored. The end result: a specific layout of every activity, on a plan that acts as a precise blueprint of what our media steps will be and how these will progress.


After defining what “success” will look like, we put our media strategy into effect , launching our activities. That is not the end of the road, on the contrary, it’s the beginning of an exciting journey.

Interact’s highly skilled media buyers -with years of experience in advertising in the local market, on digital, TV, DOOH/OOH, radio, print, etc.- are always on the top of their game; recognizing, seizing, utilizing, and capitalizing on all media possibilities that arise along the way, making smart decisions based not only on data, but also on their expertise and experience and experience, to derive as much benefit as possible and eventually delivering exceptional results.


We acknowledge that every channel is unique, and so is our audience’s behavior on it. Ad consumption these days can occur on different devices, in diverse environments, and at different moments in their day.

After analyzing our targeted audience’s behavior on these channels, we formulate our campaign personas based on their interests, lifestyles, and behavioral patterns, utilizing the best media tools for predictive and data-driven targeting.

Taking everything into account, we then place our ads in the right format, moment, and context to achieve maximum return on advertising spend – setting the brand up to build an impactful, relevant, and personalized relationship with a consumer.


We consistently monitor every segment of the media plan, optimizing the performance of our campaign assets.

We always keep you in the loop by preparing and submitting periodic reports at every stage of our media activities, highlighting key takeaways, and recognizing valuable insights that allow us to make informed decisions on what should be continued, revised, paused, started, or stopped.

Lastly, Interact’s team routinely puts together a local media-monitoring report, a valuable asset for our partners’ brand listening and reputation management activities.


Understanding the power of negotiation and how building strong relationships can benefit all partners is key to the success of every campaign. At Interact, we have established long-lasting, solid, and professional connections with every local publishing house, leveraging our negotiating capabilities and ensuring the long-term interests of all of our associates.

Moreover, our well-established, dynamic, and creative collaboration with leading international media agencies allows us to continually innovate, with viable media solutions for our partners, as well as out-of-the-box, creative, and contemporary media-growth opportunities only available to our network and clientele.