Interact’s media experts develop strategies and create media plans that make business & communication sense. We take a long, detailed look, diving deep into your business and leveraging audience insights, to devise omnichannel media plans that make the most out of any investment. We set trackable metrics along the way and providing innovative solutions to meet your advertising needs. And we can completely support you with any content needs you may have to fully execute any campaign or activation.


At Interact, online advertising isn’t viewed from a singular-channel perspective. We get that digital has progressed into a vast ecosystem of platforms, mediums, and channels that are interconnected, and require a different, behavior-first, and audience-driven approach.

From social media advertising on the Meta Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger Whatsapp, etc.,), to exploiting the full potential of what the Google Network has to offer. From YouTube advertising to Display and Search Engine Marketing, App Promotion, E-Commerce advertising etc. – we design digital omnichannel solutions that deliver on our performance objectives, across the digital marketing funnel and at whatever point the consumer is on their online journey.

Moreover, we work with innovative, high-tech programmatic advertising platforms to enhance your brand’s online presence, and we partner with credible, local online portals to provide holistic advertising proposals that are tailored to your budget and meet the set objectives.


Mainstream local TV has steadily evolved and adapted, for a span of over 3 decades, into the dominant and most popular medium in Cyprus. We at Interact design cross-channel TV media plans, that maximize reach and awareness, escalate brand affinity, and deliver optimum results, to tell the story of your brand to the right audiences and within a context that adds credibility to your values.

We know first-hand what a well-designed, well-executed channel TV media plan can generate. Together with our TV media planning and buying service, we continually monitor prime-time and off-peak trends, efficiently and consistently, to meet your brand’s television media buying and planning needs.

And we take your video content to incremental reach levels by always seeking to enhance TV with additional i-video solutions that will maximize your investment into your video content.


Time and time again, OOH and DOOH advertising in Cyprus has proved to be an invaluable ally to an integrated, omnichannel media plan. At Interact we recognize the added value that premium, indoor and outdoor OOH advertising can bring to the table, especially in a market where consumers’ behavior has indicated that meeting them Out-Of-Home, whether it be on the road, in a mall, at the cinema, at a sports venue or at the airport, offers an opportunity for positive brand engagement; given that you take into consideration the location, the format, and remain open-minded to how creative you can be with an Out-Of-Home placement.

Our media agency’s partners and associates, our instinctive drive for creative utilization of the medium, and our know-how of key locations that can greatly complement a communication’s activation, enable us to offer advanced, thought-through propositions that can further elevate our media planning to new heights.


Radio generates a direct, personal and emotional response from its audience, making it a reliable supportive medium that has managed to adapt and align with digitization early on.

In addition to standard radio commercials, a cross-channel radio advertising media plan can capitalize on the variety of creative formats and tailor-made radio branded content opportunities it offers. Enabling every brand to catch the attention of a broader audience during commutes, working hours, or even leisure time, incrementally increasing reach and strengthening the power of impactful campaigns and advertising messages.


When choosing Interact for your media planning needs, you partner with a team that is dedicated and committed to keeping an open eye and an open mind to opportunities across the board. We are always on the lookout for fresh and exciting possibilities in the media and communications world. We also value how opportunities in print advertising, events, awards sponsoring, etc., can further maximize the performance of our media objectives -for this reason, we always take everything into consideration when developing and proposing media strategies that are integrated, omnichannel, and behavior-driven.


At Interact we know that the right content can elevate your campaign even more; we are comfortable working with brands that provide their own content – be it internally, or through their creative agency – but we can also accommodate any content needs that might arise. We hold strategic partnerships with some of the leading advertising, PR and BTL agencies in Cyprus, through which we can activate any program, develop creative and produce content for any platform, online or offline.